Mac Demarco and Tyler the Creator?

Tyler The CreatorAlright so, quirky avant-garde musical modern day legends, MAC DEMARCO and TYLER THE CREATOR, have been working on White Chocolate, a dual album expected to be released on July 16th. While promoting his new album, Salad Days, on a Google Hangout Last Week, Demarco had admitted “It’s my first endeavor at producing rap music.” If you don’t know either of these guys then, first of all, please move out of that rock you’ve been living under it can’t be good for your health. And second of all, please do listen to them. Here is a song off Demarco’s latest album.

UPDATE September 7, 2014: I know I know. The supposed release of this thing is long overdue and to be quite honest, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am just as anxious as you are! The latest bit of information I have on White Chocolate comes from this interview Mac Demarco did with where he talks briefly about the release date of the album.

“It’s supposed to come out in August…I’m not sure. It’s just Tyler rapping and he knows what my style is. I guess it was me producing beats if you want to call them that. It will be interesting.”

That statement was made towards the end of June and as you know we’re currently nearing mid-September. What gives Mac and Tyler??? Okay so it’s clearly not coming out in July or August, what about October??? Don’t get your hopes up ya’ll. It’s obvious White Chocolate isn’t on either of the artist’s top priorities at the moment. Demarco was too annoyingly casual about the collaboration in the interview. If only they were half excited about it as we are. Anyway, just keep your eyes and ears peeled. I’ll make another update as soon as I find out more.


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