Nintendo’s Golden Opportunity At E3

smash bros

In a low-budget skit released yesterday on their Youtube Channel, Nintendo announced that they will not be holding a press conference at this year’s E3. Instead, the company has planned a Digital Event that will air on June 10th @ 9am. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. Nintendo pulled the same move at last year’s E3. There was simply no way they’d match up against the incredible hype surrounding Sony and Microsoft as they unveiled their new decade long moneymakers, the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo’s not-so-hot sales figures probably had a little something to do with it too.


While their figures are still plummeting the company has been going through some pretty significant changes lately in how they approach consumers. For example, the much anticipated Mario Kart 8 is going to allow uploads of gameplay footage straight onto Youtube, an uncharacteristic move by the notoriously anti-fanstreaming Nintendo. An even bigger surprise was their announcement of a Smash Bros. Tournament Invitational. This is a remarkable shift from last year’s #freemelee fiasco where the company almost banned the game from Evo.  With the release of Super Smash Bros set for this year, the noteworthy powerhouse franchise has been garnering some serious hype. For many, it’s an absolute must-have game, some have dubbed it “the game that I’ll buy a Wii U for.”

There lies in Smash Bros. a golden opportunity for Nintendo to make their comeback. Although it all depends on how they decide to play their cards. Their recently announced Super Smash Bros. demos at select Best Buys around the country is a good start. But I have a pretty brilliant idea as to what they should do next.

We already know that Smash Bros. 3ds is slated for release this summer. Now what if Nintendo decides to release the game on the same day that a multiplayer Smash Bros. Wii U Demo is released at Best Buy? If this were to happen, people would most definitely flock to Best Buy the night before the release of the 3ds version of the game because a.) they’d wanna get their hands on a copy of Smash Bros. 3ds and b.) they’d wanna try out the Wii U version of the game. This will accomplish a multitude of things. Fans and casuals alike will get to mingle with one another on the night before the game’s release which builds excitement for the game. As soon as doors open, they’ll enjoy instant gaming gratification as they go head to head with one another on a single WiiDSC_5405 U hooked up to one of Best Buy’s biggest OLED TVs. The scene will be utterly boisterous as people create new memories with one another establishing a strong sense of culture. From a business perspective, consumers will be getting familiar with both the Wii U and of course, its version of the game.  And as icing on the cake, if they decided to release this amazing combo on June 10th, same day of E3 and Nintendo’s Digital Event, it would focus everyone’s attention towards them. Timing is everything in this world and if you time your moves right your bound to find success.

Nintendo has made better moves then ever before this year and with a game like Smash Bros. I doubt they can go wrong. Still, albeit a carefully constructed marketing campaign or fanboyish wishful thinking, I think Nintendo should turn the release of Smash Bros. into something like an event to give the company the revitalization it needs.


What do you think of my masterplan? Is it genius? Possible? Or ridiculous? Never gonna happen? What should Nintendo do?


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