Which Multi-Platform Will You Choose?


Home console gaming systems are undergoing an awkward transition from the previous generation to the new. Almost every console, both new and old, have a Triple A title such as Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs available at launch. Gamers must pick and choose which console experience they prefer to play these games on. For many, the decision isn’t easy.With gameplay and storylines kept virtually unchanged from version to version, the only real differences we can base our decision on are graphical which are subtle differences at best (I mean have you seen these graphic comparison videos?) Still, the choices are there and as gamers living in a must-have world we must make our choice. We must call upon our nit-picky tendencies and whip out our magnifying glasses to search for framerate drops across different platforms on Youtube comparison videos. 

watch dogs compare

Multi-platform releases are nothing new. Back when Wii, Ps3, and Xbox 360 were the top dogs, the decision was easy. Most gamers played on the console they felt had the best community. But now with the Ps4 and Xbox One roaming in the wild things have changed. Newer consoles obviously promise the most modern experience in gaming while older consoles perform subpar in comparison, but not everyone has the newest console around despite over 7 million units sold for the PS4 and around at least 4 million units sold for the Xbox One. Should these gamers wait until they have a next-gen system to play these games or should they settle for the lesser more immediate experience offered on previous-gen consoles?

I’m the kind of person that wants everything to be just right. So I’d be the one waiting until I have the latest platform to play these games. For example, I have friend that would always eat his food the moment it was within arm’s reach. It didn’t even matter where he was eating. He’d chow down a Double Double right in my car with no regard for the stray crumbs and overflowing ketchup that have inevitably wreaked havoc on my freshly vacuumed seats. As for me, I prefer to wait until I’ve gotten home to enjoy my meal. It all depends on what kind of person you are. I like my first impression with a game to be as perfect as can be. The graphics and performance differences between older consoles and newer ones, however slight, still appeal to me enough that I’m going to wait until I have them to enjoy newly released multi-platform games. I’d feel like I’m missing out on the optimal experience otherwise. Other gamers, like my hungry friend, would probably get more satisfaction from immediately purchasing the game on whatever console he’s got at home on its midnight release, new or old.

What console will you be playing Watch Dogs on and why?


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