The Strokes Perform Live After 3 Year Hiatus And Possibly New Album

So the Strokes are back. The End. 

tumblr_n6i429lk8F1qede77o1_500Yeah that would have been a tremendous understatement, but there’s really nothing I can say that’ll do my teeming fanaticism justice. Listening to these live performances, no, just hearing the news that they did a live performance last Saturday night nearly brought me to tears! My love for their sound is immeasurable. Their music just hits me right there you know? Right in there *Points to gut* They performed with superb poise and confidence at Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. Julian Casablancas debuted his incredible falsetto live and the rest of the band played passed and present tunes like they’d been doing it for years because they have been doing it for years so yeah. If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m beyond excited about this news and will definitely do whatever it takes to see them perform. They have a couple of shows scheduled for the year. Here’s hoping they add a few more. I’m not even the concert type (I have agoraphobia), but their music is to die for so I don’t have much else to lose.

More exciting news that the band might release some new music again. In an interview with NME, Albert Hammond Jr. said that they’re working on a new album. Little is known as to what kind of sound they’ll be shooting for this time. People weren’t really fond of the band’s latest evolution in Angles and Comedown Machine suggesting to many that the band’s prime had already come and gone, but I’m gonna get a little pretentious here and say that these people just didn’t get it. I loved the less garage-y sound of Comedown Machine and Angles. It still had the delicious melodies we’d expect from a Strokes album but with a far more neater presentation. I think the Strokes have a lot of great music to give to the world still and whatever it’ll be it won’t be sounding like anything we’ve heard from them before. After all, it’s not like the band was off the music scene entirely during their hiatus from one another. Albert Hammond Jr. himself released a self-titled album last year and Julian Casablancas has been exploring music alongside hugely popular artists like Daft Punk, not to mention his work on the very intriguing project with the Voidz we’ll surely be hearing more about later this year. The band has kept busy and it will definitely show when this supposed next album comes out.



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