Keep Me Under Your Arms by Baby Baby

Chicago based garage rock outfit, Baby Baby, perform with such ferocity you either reciprocate their intensity or don’t bother listening at all. They made their debut this year with an 11 song album that received favorable reviews from both bloggers and listeners that have called the band “promising”–able to borrow from older and newer generation garage rock bands with ease and respect. Baby Baby’s outcries are so potent they’ve easily become one of my most beloved groups. They sound like something I really need in my life but cannot have, and it riles me up. I’m consumed with an unquenchable thirst that has me howling at the moon. “Keep me under your arms” is an all or nothing experience. Let it creep into your heart and explode.

Update: For those of you having trouble finding these guys (like I have) the band has actually changed their name! Introducing Modern Vices!!! Click on the link to see their page. It’s such a relief to know these guys are still going at it. Looking forward to hearing more!


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