A Stray Thought: The Drums, Ferguson Protests, Casey Neistat & Vice News Are There

Most of the time, I put a lot of work and care into the articles I post to this blog because I write them with the intention of showing it to other people, and like any self-conscious person roaming in public domains, I want to present myself a certain way-the best way. But then other times, like now for instance, I post more for myself and that’s equally as important. Writing can be a great form of self-therapy. It allows you to understand how you feel about different things and it gives you a glimpse of who you are. What you are about to see is a stray thought of mine.  

1. The Drums New Album ENCYCLOPEDIA

the drumsThe Drums, an indie-rock band from Brooklyn, have been casually promoting their upcoming album, ENCYCLOPEDIA, which is slated for release this September. More importantly, they played a show at a rooftop somewhere in Times Square a few weeks ago and their promo video for that event has a really addicting synthesizer melody. I’ve been listening to it all night. I hope their album has more of that good stuff. It would certainly be a bit of a departure from their more standard set of instruments in past works although that’s to be expected since the once four man band has whittled down to two.tumblr_mct888rH8J1r1mr1po1_500 That or it gets more streamlined into the same tricks and sounds as before. The preview video to their new album suggest the former. The Drums album, the new Julian Casablancas and the Voidz album, as well as the new Modern Vices album has me quivering with anticipation for this second half of the year. So much good stuff.


 2. Ferguson Protests

If you’re a frequent online social networker, you may have heard about the Ferguson protests. The death of Mike Brown, a very young man, at the hands of a Ferguson county police officer has triggered unrest in the community and different parts of the world like New York and even Gaza which is absurdly admirable. Brown is one of many unarmed African-American boys shot and killed by a policeman. In the bigger scheme of things, Brown is also part of a centuries long war between whites and poc (people of color) in America, the country that thinks the best way to deal with slavery is to pretend it never happened. African-Americans in Ferguson and all over U.S feel violently unwanted and ignored, hence the protests. The police’s and mainstream media’s response to the protests has me andtumblr_naa3kgkfWO1qhr876o4_500 the rest of the sensible people of the world going “what the fuck!” Policeman using un-policelike force to “quell” the “situation” has only made it worse. As is expected when you throw poisonous gas into people’s homes, attack children, threaten peaceful protesters and journalists. Meanwhile, the media (*cough* Fox News) are pointing their fingers at protesters calling them, “rioters,” and even playing the “you’re not doing it like how Martin Luther King Jr. would do it” card. It’s kind of depressing. All of it. (Also this guy throwing a burning gas can has become the most iconic photo of all time.)



3. Casey Neistat and Vice in Ferguson

Lastly, Casey Neistat went to Ferguson with Tim from Vice News. Tim is the guy that’s always wearing a black beanie. He wore it in Thailand. He wore it in Brazil. And you can bet he’ll be rocking it in Ferguson. This has been on my mind because it’s the exact sorta thing I want to do. I want to be an exposer for injustice and it seems just about wherever injustice is occurring, Neistat and/or Vice news is there for some raw film-making. For an aspiring journalist like myself, Ferguson is a prime example of how journalism has changed with digital social media now at our fingertips. My primary news source this entire event has been from eyewitnesses tweeting and snapchatting the event as it unfolds. It’s amazing. There’s an entire generation of young people right now that are involved with important issues and it’s great.


Anyways that’s all for my stray thoughts at the moment. What’s been on your mind?



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