Gimme Some by WEVAL

Microhouse musical duo, WEVAL, invites listeners to explore understated exuberance at its finest in their 5-minute long track, “Gimme Some.” The song employs a simple and subtle collection of electronic synths, broken samples, and airy vocals. The track’s vitality and its biggest draw-in lies in an ultrafast “Du-Du-Du-Du-Du-Du-Du” sounding sample reminiscent of the repetitive sound your cd player would make when the cd had too many scratches. The sound evokes an uneasiness in me personally–it’s like an eerie calm before the storm so to speak. All the anticipation for the stormy payoff drives me nuts. Suprisingly, the song can get quite a bit hectic. It’s a strange phenomenon, but “Gimme Some” has the buildup and drama necessary to be a great show opener but, at the same time, it has the excitement and energy necessary to be a great show closer as well. Their new EP, ‘Easier,’ will be coming out towards the end of next month.


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