Romantic Midnight Alone With Taste Nasa

So there’s this thing with singers in bands right, where they’ll have these weird quirks when they perform like Elvis Presley’s leg spasms in “Jailhouse Rock.” First time we see it, we’re like that’s weird why is he dancing like he has leg braces? But then! After he starts singing and we realize he’s really good at it, it’s like wow that’s actually kind of cool lemme try! That’s basically what I think when I think Taste Nasa. It has the sexy allure that made weirdos like David Bowie strangely cool.

“Time Goes By” sets the tone to shamelessly corny right from the get-go.

“It’s midnight. It’s so cold. How dare you be alone.”

Ah yes, midnight, the most sensual of hours! For the rest of the song, he’s right up on you begging for a soft touch. There’s a noticeable 80s big city vibe to the band’s sound. Like, when was the last time you heard a saxophone solo? Plus the artwork and font for the album cover remind me of generic bowling alley carpet which is a 90s thing.

For more on Taste Nasa’s latest EP, Time Goes By, visit their website.


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